Kai is an entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, creative and motivational author of self help workbook, ‘I Am What I Say I Am’. Through her own personal journey of self discovery, evolution and experience in business and music as a black female, Kai uses her voice to serve the world and empower people to show up as their true selves as a proclaimed self love advocate. As part of the UN’s decade initiative to recognise people from the African diaspora from 2015 – 2024, Kai was nominated for the Top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent in 2020.

Born and raised in West London, Kai found her passion and gift for connecting with people with her voice and writing early on as an independent artist in the UK. As a business graduate she brought her mix of gifts and ideas to life in both business and philanthropy starting her own promotional marketing company in London with renowned clients such as AEG Live and The Jazz Cafe as well as various charity and community projects.  

Now based in Dubai, the creative and businesswoman has been carving her path in business, passion, and serving her purpose to help women discover the best version of themselves, as the creator of ‘Reclaim Your Power’, a self confidence course created to overcome self doubt and live to your true potential. 

Her contagious aura and business acumen can be seen both on and off the stage in her business and creative endeavors such hosting over 700 events in the UAE, or empowering the black and African community and businesses through platform, Black Girl in Dubai.

Connecting, entertaining, hosting and speaking to audiences of all sizes from small intimate crowds and renowned venues to festivals, corporate events and galas across the UK and UAE, Kai has built on her international experience with clients and unique venues including the acclaimed Burj Al Arab, Music Hall with full 12 piece live band, The Emirates Palace, St Regis Abu Dhabi, to name a few.

Kai is also the co-producer and co-host of Mind Over Matter Talks podcast, an open space to discuss all matters of the mind, wellbeing & how maintaining a positive mental outlook can balance & give clarity to create the life you want.  

Today, Kai has built up an eclectic range of experience, seamlessly as a multi faceted creative entrepreneur, dreamer, believer and achiever.