Through 1-1 coaching and mentoring, group coaching, free online resources and sharing my experiences, I support & empower women who feel low, lost and unfilled to become boldly confident & unstoppable in fulfilling their goals.

Why am I on this mission?

Growing up as a middle child, I often felt like I didn’t know where I fit in. Doing just enough to get by & stay out of trouble or the spotlight, I often found myself in situations where I would be the follower in a crowd just to be liked by my peers and not challenge the status quo. I didn’t see what others would value in me.

As I matured, the pattern of shrinking myself was evident across all areas of my life as I constantly questioned my place in the world, my worth, and lacked confidence in voicing anything I wanted to do, in fear of making a mistake or being judged. Year after year, the crippling cycle of feeling lost, stuck, unfulfilled and not good enough to be great, haunted me until I made a change.

Now, through my own personal journey of relocation from London to Dubai, self discovery, over 700 events and experience in business and music, I am passionate about helping others find their voice and true potential.